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Posting holiday

Happy festivus y’all… thanks for all the support in 2008. If you wanna catch our first set of 09 it’s happening one hour in at highlife matakana in a barn.

As most of you know our whole skate ramp/outdoor shit got stomped down by the weather, but the night still turned out super dope… the club packing out on the rainiest tuesday night in a long time was touching. We have the foundations of a solid community, and we have all of you to thank.

Merry Xmas, Happy new year, see you in the 09, we have some real surprises in store.




Quit Playing


Gallery of 80s Skate Video Games after the link:

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The ARC Presents: Xmas Party x Skate Demo
Tuesday 23rd December 5pm – xmas eve
Basement Theatre
Lower Greys Ave

The ABC Skate Team
Remain Skate Parks Mini Ramp 
Red Bull Hummer w/ Live Soundsystem

Legal Money Mike
DJ Paydirt
Scratch 22
DJ Truent
Dan Paine
Home Brew Crew
Yung Shottaz

Live Painting
Liggas Lemonade?
Holy Fucking Shit.

Thanks to: ABC, Media Design School, Canadian Club, Vans, RedBull,, Remain Skate Parks, BASE FM


Come down for a beer and a roll and a bbq with your inner city family before xmas.
DJs outside all afternoon, THE ARC inside all night.

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Can’t Be Stopped

DLT feat. Rascalz – ‘Can’t Be Stopped’, Altruism (2000)
BMG Music/Rascalz Music (SOCAN) 

DLT is the Grand Wizard Theodore of NZ.

The idea for this video and track came to him while touring Christchurch in the late-90s. The council had a blanket ban on skateboarding in the city centre and – despite the fact the city let shops in the area sell them – would confiscate your board on sight. DLT got pissed when he saw kids having to hide their decks or run away when cops would show up to harass them.

Does anyone know if Christchurch still has that bylaw? Fuck that bylaw.

Check the vid for 1st generation After Effects tricks and Rua Kenana at 2’54”

After the jump – DLT and Sir-Vere on ‘Wrekognize’ circa 1997.

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Powell Peralta Sucks




Benjamin Marra – Totally Brutal



Benjamin Marra is totally fucking brutal.

There’s not a lot of personal info about him on the net, but you know you know this dude:

  • He had drawings of Conan and Rat Fink on his schoolbooks instead of Sonic The Hedgehog duraseal.
  • He carved ‘FUCK DIEING’ [sic] into his grip tape.
  • He knew where a waterlogged copy of ‘Fiesta’ was hidden in the bushes by school.

Check his website here and his illustration blog here

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