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metal mondays

King Diamond


Sun Ra – Pink Elephants

Sun Ra – Pink Elephants (1971)
Disney’s Dumbo (1941)

For ages I’d been telling people this was an original composition made for the Dumbo movie – turns out I was 30 years worth of wrong. Still, 1941 seems really early for animation this psychedelic.

Sun Ra- Pink Elephants on Parade DOWNLOAD (17MB)

weird russian stuff + fast rap

check em all out HERE

ALSO check out this early Slum Village demo posted by T3 earlier this week, sounds nothing like i wouldve expected. they seem to have some sorta fast rap das fx thing happening. Drop the Drums

+ Russian bonus

Ollie’s in Bangkok right now…

ollie: hey man… jaspers in jail, allan is in hospital.. and i am in a gutter.


My man, yous a genius

Sound design by Scratch 22 as well so just put that in there… yeah

Fag Bashers pt. 1




Go to the ‘Downloads’ section at to find originals. Post links to your own ones here. My thing is keeping as much of the original text as possible.

p.s. respect to Vinnie from Fleet FM for being O.G. with this.

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul

THE ARC and Fleet FM present The Violent Disco 

Pics by Calypso Paoli