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Jay-Z at Glastonbury

Best shit I’ve seen online all day… this is the start of Jay-Z’s set at Glastonbury last night, complete with Summerjam style-takeover. In response to Noel Gallagher’s comments that Jay was ‘wrong’ to headline the festival, Mr Carter hits the stage with complete with guitar and kicks some shit for the British. 


‘The Peeps’ magazine launch

The Peeps is a new photo magazine focused on capturing street culture from the cities of Aotearoa and abroad!

Come check the launch/exhibition at Khuja on Friday the 11th of July ft Scratch 22 and Joelly Drama 

This city still gets me psyched


In AK especially when it gets cold and rainy and shit things can start looking pretty bleak… you have to start doing things to keep yourself entertained and focused like finding out which John Coltrane song lasts the whole bus trip from Grey Lynn to K RD (‘Spiritual’ – Afro Blue Impressions, 12:31) 

But its still dope how you can find little hidden away spots that still possess some character of the old Auckland… the one I grew up skating around and bumpuffing menthol ciggies, rushing back for the last boat. I found a spot that really took me back yesterday…

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Sole charity…

Just got this heads up from my blogger from another mother Adam at

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Wale – Artistic Integrity

Directed by Rik Cordero 

This guy has made a few bad moves… but I’m gonna forgive him. I think he still has more to offer. Plus sampling Seinfeld = instant love from me (no Kramer tho) 

It pains me to do this

For some people. 

Ok, I’m being dramatic… but damn. This ARC shit is no public service… no one is owed what we do… if you help us you get helped. BUT if you hinder we gotta hinder right back. 

We started this shit for the real creative down town youth weirdo creativo whatever the fuck buzz word you want… AND damn what a success. But like, we did not start it for the frat boy met-and-code-or-wherever  people who wanna get drunk, disrespect girls, fight rival trust fund gangs and all that other shit once you’re out of daddy’s sight. Continue reading ‘It pains me to do this’





The detail is in the details

Creative out of the chaos

Sup laydeez…

Calypso always has an eye for a good shot (SHE TOOK ALL THESE)

Lightboxin’ vs shadowboxin


They myth the icon


Revilo and Rockwell go halves on a beat 

Wonderful people 

Increase it

Hipsters in a good way and Ian Curtis

Image flagged for removal 

The sweatbox

The Percussionist, pixel on blog, 2008 

The beanie, the icon 

Mike Urban. Thx for making joel look good


The rain came down… off the roof 

The craze 

Crow ded 

Auckland endless muck vision 

Cin cin dear 

Still life with butts 


Brazuka, part of the solution


Top of the world

Under the stars

This DJ takes requests… and throws them in the trash!!!!!!!@!



Uptown gettin down

Abs and Levi 

Alright so this shit was a big success… maybe too big a success. Lets slow this craze down…