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Flashing lights and the human ego

Where are you Yeezy? 

Mr West makes three videos for the same song (again). Check the other two after the …

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We are on air…

Tomorrow morning on base from 7.30… better make that 8… 



The key to success 

Here’s a chance to win some free shit without leaving your internet… 

OK so we have a bunch of dope shit to give away and all you gotta do is click above an join our facebook group by Sunday… that’s plenty of time!

Here’s what you could win 

ARC passes

Huffer clothing

A giant ONE LITRE bottle of 42 BELOW

MOFO Tees 

aaaaand the illest one 

A double pass (!) to the SERATO 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY (!!) feat DJ AM, BIG WIZ and The Original JAZZY JAY @ Bacco on June 6th 

If you’re already down, you’re already in the draw… 

Get adding! (and delete some of those losers from highschool or your old job or whatever… I did it last night and it feels good!) 

Be original

Yeah I jacked it… 

An unstoppable roll

Sup internet! 

Yo so like I said (to some of you) thanks for making our party what it was. I mean god damn, we had double the capacity of last time and we needed every inch… so personally I see this shit on the up and up. Its important to keep moving, keep progressing… stop ourselves from getting bored, entertain you! That kinda thing, and I want to give a special mention to all of the people that helped make it happen – everyone who volunteered and all our people who are members of the creative community. The artists Agent, Stray, Ransom and Melix, the dusty crew (my interns!), Will @ Turbosound (happy 3-0 bro) all the Basement Dwellers and my man Dan Tanner who was up late in the full house (reverse dunking + diversity). 

Still, no time to rest on our laurels. We stayed up late last night @ Joel’s planning for the next… I’m pretty bleary eyed right now but still shit is exciting.

So basically we wanna expand and do this with you. If you wanna be involved in some way then send us a message… We want artists, musos, skaters, photographers, dancers, designers, art students, dropouts, j-rollers, fashionistas, audio techs, b-boys, idea people, street teamers and collaborators! If you got some enthusiam come share… we are on the verge of creating something dope for Auckland and you can help shape it

plus you can get stuff like tees, door spots etc etc. 

Oh yeah BTW we are on the radio a few times a week, you can check Paydirt out @ 12 today on Base, Scratch 22 @ 12 on Fridays and all of us on the first ARC breakfast show this Friday morning. Stream it on or if you run a mac…



R.I.P. Camu Tao

Just found out that Camu Tao has just died of cancer. That’s horrible
news. Part of the original Def Jux crew, MC and producer Tao was part
of the movement that changed my direction in hip hop. Those familiar
with him will be familiar with his work as one part of  S.A. Smash,
his MHz crew with Copywrite, RJD2, Motamouth, and Cage.
Of course not forgetting the legendary hip hop Weathermen supergroup,
that is Camu Tao, Aesop Rock, Tame One, Cage, Yak Ballz, El-P and
Breeze Brewin. Tao was dope. His influences and interests constantly
shifted between hip hop to punk which kept it interesting for me.

It’s too often I see great work being recognized only after the death
of a great artist. It’s a damn shame, but if it means his music now
gets heard by those who haven’t already, then who am I to bitch about
the outcome.

R.I.P brother

Words by An Pham